Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chris Murphy

At the moment, I don't know much about Chris Murphy. I usually wait until closer to the election to do my research about who I will vote for. What I do know about Chris Murphy is that somebody really hates him. He must be doing well in the polls, making his opponants nervous. Twice a day, I receive recorded phone calls telling my that Chris Murphy has dark secrets suggesting that he might be a corrupt politician so don't vote for him.

I'm really really tired of getting called twice a day to hear recorded messages. At this point, I'm planning on voting for Murphy, just to get back at the harrassing phone calls.

Unsolicited political messages should be included on the "do not call" lists that block phone solicitations.


Anonymous said...

That is a totally irresponsible reason to vote (or not vote)for someone. With a little research and effort you could cast a vote for the candidate who you feel would best represent you no matter what the hype (pro or con).

Waterbury Girl said...

I think that you misunderstood my posting. I was venting my frustration caused by the endless harrassing phone calls, and my frustration at not being able to make the harrassing phone calls stop. The truth is that I don't think that Murphy is any better qualified for the job than Johnson, and I definitely don't feel that either one will do a good job of representing my interests, or the interests of most of their constituents. Since I can't find enough good reasons to vote for either one of them (or for most every other candidate this year), I may as well vote for the one who annoys me the least.