Monday, April 23, 2007

It's That Time!

We've had some beautiful weather the past few days. Sunny, in the 70s, and just the right humidity level. Last night stayed warm enough for me to leave the windows open. I love waking up to fresh air.

Today the weather is supposed to go too far--predictions are for 85 degrees overall in the state. Downtown Waterbury might very well get up to 90. I think it's in a sort of basin formed by the surrounding hills, which I guess is what makes it always significantly warmer than the surrounding area.

When this weather pattern started, everyone's mood improved. We went from weeks of cold, dark and rain to warmth and sun. The first few nights sounded like the entire city was celebrating, opening windows, playing music, breaking out the grills and generally having a good time.

After tomorrow, the weather is supposed to go back to normal temps, getting up into only the 60s during the day. But that will still be better than cold, dark and rainy!

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