Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brass City Brew Fest 2007

The Second Annual brew fest was held in library park yesterday. The weather cleared up just in time for it to be a sunny afternoon. Today's paper reported that there were 1200 people in attendance. Which explains why I had trouble finding my friend after she wandered off!

There was a classic car show on Grand Street before the beer fest. The cars included one used in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie (I think it is the turquoise car in the middle).

There were a few people who arrived just as the gates opened, drank & ate quickly, then left, presumably for another function.

Early crowds milling about:

Lots of younger beer drinkers. Rumor is that Boru's sold 90 tickets. There were a lot of people at the brew fest wearing Boru's t-shirts.

I overheard a couple of non-drinkers express a wish for coffee. The only non-beer beverages were water and soda.

The ever-popular kettle corn stand near the entrance. There was also food from The Hills and Crossroads Cantina--things like hot dogs, buffalo wings and chili.

Saranac's inflatable bear surveying the scene. It was later duct-taped to someone's back.

By 4pm, a lot of the brewers had run out of beer, but there was enough left to keep everyone going another hour and then some. Crossroads Cantina did a pretty good dinner business afterwards, since a lot of people were parked next to them.

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