Sunday, November 04, 2007

Willow Street Improvements

I've always liked the apartment building on the corner of Willow and Ridgewood Streets, but for the past however many years it's been boarded up and falling apart. I thought for sure it would get torn down, since it seemed to be in such bad shape. When I drove by it a couple weeks ago, I was delighted to see that it's being fixed up.


francis mahon said...

I was in Waterbury last Sunday, visiting, and got to see a little of the city. I got to see some of the wonderful buildings, including that spot (I was staying with some friends further up on Willow).

I wish I could have stayed longer, and seen more of the city, but I guess I was lucky to arrive after the ice-storm and get out before the snow started.

Next time I'm raised a glass, I'll be remembering all the cool people I met in Boru's...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just found your site. No longer in waterbury, left in 89/90.
That building was on my paper route in the mid 70's, a great old building across from Dave's Superette.

Keep up the good work