Friday, January 11, 2008

Sin City

Just a quick thought while I procrastinate--I don't know why anyone would be upset that a new Waterbury nightclub will be called Sin City. I have never heard this name used to describe Waterbury. Most people associate the name with Vegas. If you want to be upset about a city moniker, pick on "Dirty Water" (Waterbury's actual nickname).


Anonymous said...

Hi Waterbury Girl! Waterbury was actually very well known under the nickname "Sin City" from the late 1940s thru the mid 1960s or so. This was due to a series of corruption scandals in the mayor's office during that period (what a surprise, huh?). In that period it was a very common usage, and in 1964, just before zip codes, I actually sent a letter to a friend (I was 6) addressed "Sin City" just to see if it got to him. At any rate, I can definitely see some older citizens reacting to that name. Foolishness to be sure.
Best. . . neonjohn

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how two of the mayors of Waterbury went to prison, one being a pedophile, I think the name is still fitting. Not to mention that ex governor Rowland was from Waterbury also. Not even going to get into the gangs, the crime, the drugs and the rest of the garbage that is mostly Waterbury now.

Joe Petro said...

We used to always call dirty water the sin city. I didn't realize there was a reason. Kinda cool to be informed.