Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Signs of Spring

Winter is officially over. Traditional signs of spring are flowers and robins. Forget them. I just heard an ice cream truck playing its familiar, cheery music as it slowly drives around Waterbury's neighborhoods. The song it's playing is so old I don't know the lyrics, but it sounds like summer!


Anonymous said...

wow--i just happened upon your blog while googling about Waterbury. Did you grow up there? i did. I've always been pretty down on Waterbury, but looking through your blog--photos, etc--it makes it seem like a different place entirely! On my last visit there my dad took me on a driving tour of all the old Brass mill spots--scovill row houses being on the list. thats neat that you are fixing one up! i live in austin, TX now but still have alot of family back in the bury. nice site you have here.

Waterbury Girl said...

Thank you! You got the point of my blog--I love this city, warts and all, and I want people to see why this is such a great place.