Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on Chestnut Hill

The more I learn about the proposed biofuel plant, the less I like about it. Turns out the company, Chestnut Hill, has a long, long list of environmental violations, not just the smell problem that was publicized.

One of the comments added to my blog post on the topic made a very good point: "If the local waste water treatment facility is not involved in the discussions, this plant could bring the existing WWTP to its knees. Smell is obviously a big issue, as is the compost on the back end. Folks love to call it organic but typically the compost is full of material that wouldn't digest, like plastics, glass, etc."

After all the things I've learned about Chestnut Hill and the logistics of the intended location on South Main Street, I have to say that I am firmly against the plan as it currently stands.

For more (and more informed) reading on the topic, visit the Waterbury Observer blog for an article from May 14 by John Murray. Also visit the blog of Bryan P. Baker, who is a member of Waterbury's Environmental Commission, has been following the topic very closely and has posted several times regarding his thoughts on the matter.

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