Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Turning Them In

I took a break from work at lunchtime today to join some of my fellow candidates and Vance supporters at the office of the Registrar of Voters. We turned in 180 signed petitions, close to 3000 signatures, with more petitions to follow before tomorrow's deadline. So far it's been a very interesting experience.

I feel like a politics geek when I say this, but I am really enjoying participating in democracy, and I am really kind of glad that my first go-round as a candidate is with the petitioning challenger. I think I am learning more about the democratic process this way. It's also been an amazing experience to talk to so many people about their concerns, complaints and viewpoints.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who do not know, Raechel is a fantastic candidate. She has been a hardworking advocate for the City and doesn't seek the limelight- only seeking results! I hope everyone who reads her blog gives her their vote! (and me too!)

Paul Vance

eliyahu said...

fantastic news! my wife and i are onboard, and we're thrilled to see waterbury voters standing up for their democratic right to choice in elections.

bucks hill and the rest of this city desperately need someone who will physically 'clean up' our neighborhoods and help attract business and employment to greater waterbury.

best of luck to paul, raechel, and the rest of the vance slate. let's hope the election goes the way of changing the brass city substantially for the better -- at long last!

-- eldee

Anonymous said...

We agree with Paul. We have known Raechel for many years and know she is intelligent, caring of Waterbury, hard-working, and always seeks the 'best' solution.My wife Brenda and I will be voting for Raechel, and the Vance team.
Ken Killer and Brenda Anderson-Killer