Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Primary Day

11:14 a.m. ~ So far a slow day. I was assigned to Blessed Sacrament this morning, where we averaged approximately 12 voters per hour. Coleen Flaherty-Merritt was there as well and told me that polling location usually sees 30 in the first hour and another rush before 8 a.m. There were no rushes at all.

Next I took my dad over to Chase School so he could vote. They were at maybe 40 or 50 voters. Jarjura was there, and he very graciously offered me a piece of fruit. I wish I had thought to say that I would prefer new sidewalks, but I was trying to be polite.

Third stop was my home district at the WOW Center. I was voter number 36. From what I saw after, I'd say the pace is about 12 voters per hour. The 72nd district is known for low voter turn-out, but so far today it doesn't seem to be lagging that far behind the supposedly busy 73-5. We'll see if things change later today.

3 p.m. ~ Hot, hot, hot! A slow afternoon but definitely worthwhile. If only I had thought to put on sunblock! Today is definitely the most stressful day of the campaign. My sister is going to stop by with water and moral support before she goes to her polling place. Five hours to go. What a day!

6 p.m. ~ Back at Blessed Sacrament, which had a little over a dozen voters in the past hour, so really not much busier than the WOW Center, where Joyce Petteway is currently doing a hard sell of Jarjura for the rare undecided voter. Two hours to go.

6:45 p.m. ~ Mosquitos!!!

12:44 a.m. ~ A shocking upset, thanks to the Berginesque absentee ballots and ridiculously low voter turnout. There's a lot I learned, there's a lot I still have to process, but I still love this city and am determined to bring it up out of the muck.


Anonymous said...

Do not be discouraged by this election, you have a lot of potential for success in politics and your concerns seem to come genuinely from the heart and not from the normal cynical political motives that so many of the others exhibit. I think you may be hurting yourself by making an enemy of Jarjura and his supporters. This would be a good time to extend an olive branch and approach the Jarjura camp and offer to help in any way that you can. This would not be hypocritical because it is almost a given that Jarjura is going to be in for another term, you cannot help your city from the outside. There are always mid-term vacancies on the Bd of Aldermen for whatever reason, you should work hard to enamor yourself to the Jarjura people so that you can be appointed to the next vacancy.
Your motives are pure and you are a very nice person; you are exactly what this city needs on the Bd of Aldermen.

You are also very cute, did I mention that I am single?


An Admirer

Anonymous said...

Great job Raechel-

We have our work cut out for us to move this city in the right direction, elected or not. You are a great leader for Waterbury!

Paul Vance

eldee said...

We were very disappointed in the primary results. No doubt this means yet more years of litter, blight, noise, drugs, crumbling infrastructure, etc., etc. Please, guys, don't give up. The citizens of Waterbury need passionate leaders such as Paul and yourself.

Thank you for running.. Thank you for working to make Waterbury a livable place.

Anonymous said...


Echoing the anonymous comment above, only slightly, please don't feel embittered about the outcome or your opponents.

I know first-hand that you are a person with great passion and concern for the city, who also backs it up with action.

The election changes none of that and your contributions and participation are welcome and encouraged by both the Jarjura adminsitrationa and myself personally.

Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that sweet? Maybe they will offer you Rowland's job!!!!

Anonymous said...

I get the sense that you don't care for our local rag, but there was a great editorial about the election in the Rep-Am this morning.

Honestly ... the administration of city government is so burdened by state and federal policies that it hardly matters anymore. The state and feds dictate every bit of detail because they have the much-needed $$. People can just be happy that the incumbent is doing a mediocre job. That's why they'll vote him in again in November.

Waterbury Girl said...

I am still the same person I always was. If I see BS, I will call it out. I would never sacrifice my principles for the sake of maybe being appointed to an elected position--there are plenty of things I can do to help Waterbury without being an Alderman.

I would love to have Rowland's job: I could do it better for less!