Thursday, October 07, 2010

Red Means Stop

I was on Reidville Drive this morning, heading towards 84 East, maybe four or five car lengths behind the car ahead of me. The light at the intersection was green, so the car naturally continued through the intersection with Scott Road towards the on-ramp. All of a sudden, a big red pickup truck came flying into the intersection from the left and slammed into the car ahead of me, spinning it around 90 degrees. Our light was still green, so I assume the truck had a red light that the driver completely ignored. Both drivers seemed uninjured--they got out of their vehicles and were assessing the situation; a pedestrian witness was heading toward them from the car dealership when I left.

When I returned to Waterbury, I stopped for a red light. I watched the cross-traffic light turn red and my light turn green. Then I watched two cars zoom through their red light. I joke sometimes about red lights and stop signs being treated as optional in Waterbury, but it's not funny when there's an accident. Which is why I always wait a moment before going when my light turns green. The accident I saw this morning, however, happened long after the light changed. Sometimes it doesn't matter how cautious you are.

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Anonymous said...

There are several intersections in Waterbury that are notorious for cars running red lights. My favorite is Huntingdon and Colonial Avenues, where people seem to think that despite the "No Turn on Red" sign they are allowed to make the turn on red, even if they do so from the left lane, passing cars that have stopped in the right lane. The only people that seem to be unaware of this practice are the police. If they were to set up an enforcement operation once or twice a month at intersections like this, some much needed revenue could be generated for the city and state. Any maybe some people would get a lesson on what a red light means.