Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Vote Today!

Even if you vote for only one person or topic on the ballot, please go vote today.

When Chris Murphy spoke at the WOW center on April 17, he tossed out a few factoids: 20% of twenty-year-olds vote; 80% of eighty-year-olds vote; and there is seven times as much federal money spent on eighty-year-olds as there is on 20-year-olds. You know what that means? That means if you don't vote, the politicians will ignore you.

You may not like any of the candidates. You may not think that any of them represent your concerns. But the only way you will ever get candidates who represent you and care about your issues is to vote.

Remind your family to vote. Remind your neighbors to vote. It's important.

If you're not sure where to go, call the Registrar of Voters, (203) 574-6751, or any of the campaign headquarters in Waterbury (just check the flyers you got in the mail for their numbers).

Here is the complete list of Waterbury polling locations:

71st Assembly District (Asamblea de Distrito)
71-1 Kennedy High School, 422 Highland Ave.
71-2 Portugeuse Sport Club, 1966 Baldwin St. (moved from Gilmartin School due to renovations)
71-3 Tinker School (Congress Avenue entrance), 809 Highland Ave.
72nd Assembly District (Asamblea de Distrito)
72-1 Mount Olive AME Zion Church, 82 Pearl St.
72-2 WOW Community Learning Center, 308 Walnut Street  
72-3 Woodrow Wilson School, 235 Birch Street
72-4 Regan School, 2780 North Main St.  
72-5 Edward D. Bergin Apartments, 70 Lakewood Road
73rd Assembly District (Asamblea de Distrito)
73-1 Our Lady of Loreto Church Hall, 12 Ardsley Rd.
73-2 Silas Bronson Library (branch), 192 Bunker Hill Ave.
73-3 Kingsbury School, 220 Columbia Blvd.  
73-4 Waterville Recreation Center, 1433 Thomaston Ave.
73-5 Blessed Sacrament School, 386 Robinwood Rd.
73-6 Chase Park School, 150 Sunnyside Ave.
74th Assembly District (Asamblea de Distrito)
74-1 Chase School, 40 Woodtick Rd.
74-2 Crosby High School, 300 Pierpont Rd.
74-3 St. Peter and Paul School gym, 116 Beecher Ave.
74-4 St. Peter and Paul School gym, 116 Beecher Ave.
75th Assembly District (Asamblea de Distrito)
75-1 Willow Plaza Community Center, 60 Elmwood Avenue  
75-2 Washington Park Community House, 283 Sylvan Ave.
75-3 Maloney School, 223 South Elm St.  
75-4 Hamilton Park Pavilion, Hamilton Park  
75-5 Washington School, 685 Baldwin St.

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