Tuesday, February 15, 2011

State of the Blog

When I started this blog, it was a way to keep myself out of trouble, an alternative to writing too many letters to the editor of the Republican-American. As many of you know, this blog now gets me into more trouble than not. I have recently learned that some people taking my rantings and frustrated complaints Very Seriously (more on that tomorrow).

While I do often use the blog to vent my frustrations, I also like to use it to showcase the many great things I love about Waterbury. I try to keep a balance between happy blog posts and grumpy blog posts. I don't want to bore everyone with constant complaining, and I don't want to create a false impression that everything is always wonderful all the time.

Right now I'm in a bit of a grumpy rut, thanks to the way I was recently harassed in response to a blog post. Hopefully the warm weather later this week will inspire me to write a happy blog post, but in the meantime there will be one more grumpy post tomorrow (sorry!).

For those of you looking for some winter cheer, I recommend a new Waterbury blog, Bank Street 360, a blog about "all things Bank Street." Enjoy!

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