Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farmers' Market

My favorite lunch-time stop on Thursdays downtown is the Farmers' Market. I've been going for years.

Always plenty of good fruits, vegetables and other items (like fresh pesto and pies), but you have to get there early. By 12:30 they have sold out of most of their produce.

The Farmer's Market opens at 11 a.m. and stays open until 3 p.m., although (as mentioned above) there isn't much left after the first hour or so!

The market is WIC certified, which means food stamps are accepted by most of the vendors.

Since there still is no grocery store closer to downtown than on Thomaston Avenue, it's great for downtown residents to be able to buy fresh produce at the market.

When you shop at the Farmer's Market, you are buying local, Connecticut produce. So you're supporting local farmers, and you're buying "green"--buying produce that potentially traveled a shorter distance to get to you, thereby creating less pollution than produce shipped in from out of state.

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Anonymous said...

Brass City Harvest is creating a healthy environment for all in the area between the Farmer's Market and the gardens around the city.

Knowing that we are also supporting local farmers whose work is so difficult from early morning to night is a wonderful thing.

We actually know where our fruits and vegetables are coming from and they look so-o-o-o delicious in your pictures.

Here's to healthy eating this summer!