Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ponte Feast

If you missed out on this year's Ponte Feast, here are some photos from Friday night.

Frying up the fried dough. Yum!

Serving up the pasta.

The only way to avoid waiting in line for food is to get there very early!

Another advantage to arriving early: you might find a seat after getting your food.

A few of the Republicans in attendance, including Linda McMahon,
Carlo Palladino (candidate for Board of Aldermen) and Mayor Jarjura.

Democrats from left to right: Greg Hadley and Anne Phelan,
candidates for Board of Aldermen, Neil O'Leary, running for Mayor,
Christopher Donovan, Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives,
and Chris Murphy, our 5th District Congressman.

Taking a break from the kitchen to enjoy the music.


Rides for the kids.

Governor Malloy went on a whirlwind tour of the kitchen before
sitting down to enjoy an Italian feast with Neil O'Leary.

As always, a long line of people waiting for some delicious food.

It was a beautiful night, packed full of people from all over. During the ceremony, it was announced that the Ponte Club will be doing some landscaping before next year's feast to make it even more enjoyable.

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Bryan P. Baker said...

Just an FYI: In your 5th picture you forgot to mention former Alderman (and current Republican candidate for Alderman) Carlo Palladino in the blue shirt.