Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Other Waterbury

Ever try to do an internet search for something here in Waterbury, and find yourself directed to Waterbury, Vermont?

The Vermont Waterbury was chartered in 1763 by a group of 65 men from Connecticut and New Jersey. According to tradition, they chose the name Waterbury because many of them were from Waterbury, Connecticut.

The two Waterburys have occasionally assisted one another. When Waterbury-VT was devastated by a flood in 1927, Waterbury-CT sent $10,000 in aid. When our Waterbury needed assistance in 1955, Waterbury-VT sent $5,000 in aid.

Last week, I drove through Waterbury, Vermont, stopping for gas and coffee (from what I can tell, all coffee in Vermont is Green Mountain Coffee), and snapping a few photos. The name may be the same, but there are some definite differences.

One of the most striking differences is the Police Department. In Waterbury, Vermont, the police department shares a building with a chiropractor and a currently vacant office space.

Like our Waterbury, the Vermont Waterbury has a weekly Farmers' Market on the Green.

Their Farmers' Market is larger and includes a wine tasting table.

The Vermont Waterbury also has a nonprofit group dedicated to revitalizing their downtown, which seems weird, since their downtown is so picture-perfect, but I suppose strip malls have taken their toll on downtowns everywhere.

Waterbury, Vermont also has the Ben & Jerry's factory. I didn't have time to tour the facility, but it's only a three and a half hour drive from here, so maybe I'll go back someday.

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