Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Save Shakespeare in Library Park

One of Waterbury's best events is in need of your support. Shakesperience Production's annual performance in Library Park started ten years ago and is in danger of being discontinued.

Performance at Library Park, 2012.

They are looking for a couple of types of support, one of which will cost you absolutely nothing: attend the performance, and bring a few friends along. Make it a family event. Bring a picnic dinner for an evening with Shakespeare in the park. I've been a number of times, and it's always an enjoyable event.

This year's performance, of King Lear, will be held June 26 to June 29. But wait, there's more! Shakesperience will also be performing The Reluctant Dragon and Our City, Our Neighborhoods on June 28. For full details and performance times, visit the Shakespeare in Library Park webpage.

A painting I did in 2008 of the Shakespeare in Library Park performance held in 2005.

They are also looking for financial support. The performances are always free to the public, but they cost money to stage. Shakesperience Productions has an Idiegogo campaign, and sponsorship opportunities.

Full details on the Save Shakespeare in Library Park campaign are available on their website.

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