Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Industrial Estate Sale

My father passed away last year. The sale of the contents of his business, on Town Line Road in Wolcott, is being held next week, June 11 - 15. For full details regarding the sale, visit

Here are some sample photographs of the variety of items being sold. See something you like? Come buy it!

Antique surveyor's tool

Raw sapphires

Vintage cameras

Fully equipped darkroom installed during the mid-1980s

Antique and vintage electronics

Waltham Watch Company shares from the 1940s and '50s


Machinery for metal working

Metal working tools

Forge and soldering supplies

Soldering supplies

Chemistry supplies

Antique clock dials

Shellac sticks


Glass domes

Antique cameras

Woodworking tools

Woodworking tools (there's some lumber too, including mahogany)


Nuts and bolts, including hard-to-find sizes

8-track cassettes and players


Delta-Milwaukee scroll saw

Oil cans

Ferrogel crucibles

Saws, signs, and clocks

Vintage paints, cement, velocite oil

Antique Raytheon light bulb

Engraving tools


Scovill Bank Pins

Vintage copper

Watches and other small items

Optical equipment, machinery, books

Vintage military: Air Corps, U.S. Army

Hewlett-Packard Electron Tubes

GE and Amperex tubes

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