Sunday, November 09, 2014

Fun with Maps!

The big question on everyone's mind is the drawing of Aldermanic district boundaries. We're unlikely to see the official boundaries until later this winter or in the spring, but I'm an impatient kind of woman, so here's a first effort at what the map might look like.

To start, here is a map showing the existing House District boundaries. If you read my previous post, you'll see that the new Aldermanic District boundaries will need to be based on the House Districts. Because the 71st District includes Middlebury, they can't be exactly the same.

State House Districts

Next is my first attempt at drawing boundaries that are based on the House Districts, are modified for hypothetical population figures, and make sense in terms of geography and neighborhood issues.

Remember, this is a hypothetical map based on guesswork, not data. If I spent some more time with it, I'm sure I would make some alterations. Generally, however, this is what I expect to see next year (unless the whole thing gets hijacked by the Board of Aldermen, who clearly don't want to see districting happen).

Hypothetical map of Aldermanic Districts

But why stop here? Everyone can get involved! Right click on the blank map below to save the image to your computer, color it in, then send it to me, I'll post all entries on this blog in December.

When coloring in the map, please adhere to the following rules:

1. There must be five districts of substantially equal population (use the existing House Districts to gauge population density);
2. Districts must be as compact and contiguous as practicable;
3. District boundaries must follow geographical divisions and currently existing State Representative Districts wherever practical.

(Rules are taken from the Final Report of the Charter Revision Commission.)

When you send me your map, please indicate if you prefer to remain anonymous. Otherwise, I will use your first name and last initial, or your email handle if I don't know your name.

Any images containing profanity or similarly inappropriate content will not be posted.

This is a chance to have some fun with representative government, while also giving some serious thought to an important change in our city government.

I look forward to seeing your maps!

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