Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowy Waterbury

I love walking in the snow, and today was a perfect day for doing just that.

Welton Carriage Shed.

Holyland Cross can barely be seen through the snow from Wolcott Street.

Sacred Heart Church.

The Moai looks like it's crying snow.

Cool Waters mosaic.

Bank Street.

Window shopping on Bank Street.

Grand Street Post Office.

City Hall.

Silas Bronson Library and the Rep-Am clock tower.

Library Park.

Poor Ben seems to have something in his eye.

Balancing on the bicycle rack.

Posing with Origami.

Library patio.

Chase Building.

UConn and East Main Street.

Police Headquarters.

Oak Street.

Oak Street.


vic perillo said...

Just looks like a regular day in Waterbury...Cold and miserable

Anonymous said...

The hill behind the Welton Carriage Shed was called Peter Rabbit Hill by the kids living at Eastwood Ave. & Albion St. section. Do you know anything about this?