Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Construction on the Green

The big public works project right now is the reconstruction of the Green downtown. The Green has been fenced off, and so far they've removed most of the sidewalks, lamp posts, benches, wood stanchions, and a few trees.

They will be installing new and improved sidewalks, lamps, benches, landscaping, etc. The electricity and other utility lines will be upgraded, and there will be free wifi for anyone on the Green when the project is done.

The project, estimated to cost $800,000, is paid for with state bonding funds.

Waterbury's Green has been through many transformations over the past three centuries. The town's first permanent settlement was centered on it, which is why it was known as Center Square for a long time. Early in its history, it was muddy and rocky, with boulders and ledges, and puddles that lasted for weeks. The boulders were blasted to bits on July 4, 1825 as part of an overall improvement of the Green. Irregularities were filled in with sand from North Main Street. More landscaping was done in 1842, when grass and elm trees were planted and a fence was put around the Green to keep off wandering cattle. That project was paid for by public subscription, with the Scovill brothers contributing the largest share. Several other redevelopments of the Green have taken place since then.

I walked around the perimeter of the Green during my lunch break today and took a few photos through openings in the fence. I look forward to seeing it when it's done!

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