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Election Guide 2017

Tuesday, November 7 is Election Day in Waterbury. Local elections are notorious for low voter turnout. The public is constantly bombarded with national politics, while it takes a bit of effort to keep up with local politics.

Election experts anticipate only about 10-12,000 people will vote in Waterbury next week, in a city of 110,000 people and roughly 60,000 registered voters. Barely one-sixth of the voters are expected to show up to vote.

I've prepared the following guide for anyone who's not sure what's going on with this election, who the candidates are, or where to go to vote.

If you care about where you live, please take the time to learn about the candidates and vote on Tuesday.

What's On the Ballot?

We'll be voting for the following offices:

Judge of Probate -- oversees the Connecticut Probate Court covering Waterbury and Wolcott; estates, children, seniors, persons with mental illness, and adults with intellectual disabilities.

City Clerk -- Record keeper for all municipal boards and commissions.

City Sheriff -- maintains order at municipal meetings.

Board of Aldermen -- the legislative branch of local government, similar to Congress; Waterbury has five districts, each with three Aldermen; we can vote for any two candidates within our district.

Board of Education -- oversees the public school system; we can vote for any three candidates.

Sample ballots for each of the five districts are available on the Town Clerk's website.

Where Do I Vote?

You can find out where you vote on the Connecticut Secretary of State's Voter Registration Lookup page.

For more information about voting in Connecticut, visit the Secretary of State's Fact Sheet page.

What District Am I In?

Waterbury has five districts for the Board of Aldermen. If you are in District 5, the only Aldermen you can vote for are the ones that represent that district.

To find out what district you're in, first find out where you vote using the Voter Registration Lookup page. Next, find your voting location on the list below. For example, if you are registered to vote at Reed School, you are in the 2nd District.

District 1

Kennedy High School
Gilmartin School
Tinker School

District 2
Mount Olive AME Zion Church
Reed School
Wilson School
Regan School
Bergin Apartments

District 3
Carrington School
Blessed Sacrament School
Kingsbury School
Sprague School

District 4
Chase School
Crosby High School
Wendell Cross School

District 5
Willow Plaza Community Center
Washington Park Community House
Maloney School
St. Frances Xavier Church Hall
St. Peter and Paul School gym

For more about the Aldermanic Districts, including a map, or about voting in Waterbury, visit the City's Registrars of Voters page.

Who Are The Candidates?

Some candidates have their own websites and Facebook pages; some have only a single-image profile on their Town Committee Facebook page; and some appear only in the Rep-Am's Candidate Profiles. For two candidates, I have not yet found any information online.

You can learn more about the three political parties through their Facebook pages and websites:

Democratic Town Committee      Facebook page 

Independent Party Town Committee      Facebook page

Republican Town Committee      Facebook page      Website

Judge of Probate Candidates

Matthew P. Vaccarelli (D)     website     Facebook page    

Jerry P. Padula (R)                Facebook page    YouTube interview

City Clerk Candidates

Michael J. Dalton (D)                  Facebook profile

Michael N. Cervellino III (R)      Facebook profile

Stephen A. Hughes (I)

City Sheriff Candidates

Stephen M. Conway (D)     Facebook profile

JoAnna Cass (R)                 Facebook profile 

Spencer J. Parrish (I)  

Board of Aldermen First District Candidates - Vote for any 2

Christian D'Orso (D)         Facebook page      Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Ernest M. Brunelli (D)      Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Joseph J. Santopietro (R)   Facebook profile    Rep-Am profile    

Mary Grace Cavallo (R)    Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Ted Derouin (I)                  Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Dan Verner (I)                   Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Index of Rep-Am news about the District 1 candidates

Board of Aldermen Second District Candidates - Vote for any 2

Gregory A. Hadley, Sr. (D)    Facebook page      Rep-Am profile

Victor Lopez, Jr. (D)              Facebook profile    Rep-Am profile

Francis Guerrera (R)              Facebook page       Facebook profile    Rep-Am profile

Vernon R. Matthews, Jr. (R)   Facebook profile    Rep-Am profile

Steven Vaiskauckas (I)           Rep-Am profile

Erika Cooper (I)                     Facebook profile    Rep-Am profile

YouTube video of Aldermanic Debate for 2nd District

Rep-Am article about the 2nd District candidates

Rep-Am article about 2nd District Candidate Forum

Board of Aldermen Third District Candidates - Vote for any 2

Paul K. Pernerewski, Jr. (D)  Facebook profile   Rep-Am profile 

Ronald A. Napoli, Jr. (D)     Facebook profile    Rep-Am profile

Steven Vass (R)                    Facebook profile   Rep-Am profile

Steven R. Giacomi (R)         Facebook page      Facebook profile   Rep-Am profile

Lawrence V. DePillo (I)       Facebook profile   Rep-Am profile 

Cicero B. Booker, Jr. (I)       Facebook profile   Rep-Am profile 

Rep-Am article about 3rd District candidates

Board of Aldermen Fourth District Candidates - Vote for any 2

Michael DiGiovancarlo (D)   Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Jetlir Kulla (D)                       Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

George Noujaim (R)              Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

James W. Henderson (R)       Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Fahd F. Syed (I)                     Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Joe Luchene (I)                      Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Keisha M. Gilliams                Rep-Am profile   

Rep-Am article about 4th District candidates

Board of Aldermen Fifth District Candidates - Vote for any 2

Sandra Martinez-McCarthy (D)   Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Brenda Liz Cotto (D)                 Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile 

Anthony J. Vitone (R)               Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Roger Sherman, Jr. (R)              Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Elizabeth "Liz" Bullard (I)        Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Justin Patrick DeVaull (I)          Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

YouTube video of Aldermanic Debate for 5th District (starts at 1:09:41)

Rep-Am article about 5th District candidates

Board of Education Candidates  -  Vote for any 3

Karen Harvey (D)                    Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile 

Juanita P. Hernandez (D)         Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Melissa Serrano-Adorno (D)   Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Charles L. Stango (R)              Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Tom Van Stone (R)                  Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Zaida Martinez (R)                   Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Margaret "Maggie" O'Brien (I)   Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Danielle N. Albert (I)               Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile

Shakirah Howard (I)                 Facebook profile     Rep-Am profile 

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