Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Gathering at Library Park 2018

I'm sorry to say I did not get in as much of The Gathering this year as I wanted. By the end of watching the parade, my back was killing me. The delicious Lithuanian beer helped mask the pain, but by about 3 p.m., I was ready to collapse and headed home early.

At any rate, here are the photos from what I was able to enjoy. There's always so much going on, and so many awesome things to try to experience. The photos barely skim the surface of all that happened at The Gathering.

Welcome from Ghana

The man behind the mask

Kids always take over the dance stage when there's no performance happening

Lady Liberty

Jahana Hayes posing with the Cape Verdean team

Produce from the Caribbean. The woman in the purple shirt purchased guineps and then explained to her young daughter how to eat them.

Jamaican hot peppers

The Philippine American Women's Association served up some delicious food that I've never had before, but will definitely be looking to eat again sometime.

Andréa Saunders sang the U.S. national anthem to start off the festivities in the park.

Ned Lamont, currently running for Governor of Connecticut, gave a brief speech.

Jahana Hayes, currently running for U.S. Congress, also gave a brief speech.

Geraldo Reyes and Ken Harge doing a quick review of the plans for the day

Ken Harge was the MC for the dance stage in the park

Fahd Syed

Jimmie Griffin

The first performance was by Italian opera singer AlexaRae Ireland.

Peruvian Anaconda dance (the snakes were not real)

Martin Spring and some of his fellow Civil War reenactors

Food Trucks and the Waterbury Reads Storymobile on Grand Street

Guyanese drummers

More books for the Waterbury Reads book giveaway

Students of Japanese language and culture led by their teacher in song.

Ghana -- always welcoming!

The littlest dancer was getting a little tired during the performance.

The caballero returned for a dance performance which I missed.
This was taken just before he and the horse performed.

The Native Nations Dance and Drum Troupe performance included explanations of the dances.

Guyanese dancers

Dominican Republic

Music on the Main Stage

Ryan Hendricks performing his "Dirty Water"

Colombian dancers taking a break for pizza

Francisco Quintana and his guitar students

Dignitaries from the Dominican Republic who help coordinate relief efforts between Connecticut and the Dominican Republic

Bomba y Plena

Bomba y Plena

Bomba y Plena

Bomba y Plena

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