Thursday, August 24, 2006

Slime, Evil, Insanity and Stupidity, all in one package!

Giordano has managed to make himself a center of media attention once again. I think he must have been feeling left out when he saw all the political attention Waterbury has been receiving this month.

After stealing untold amounts of money from the people of Waterbury, after using his office to molest little girls, after abusing his power as mayor in more ways than anyone will ever know, Giordano still has the audacity to claim that the city owes him money for unused vacation time and sick leave. Waterbury owes him no money. If anything, he should be expected to pay back any salary he ever received. And he calculated the amount of time he claims to have acrued based on a 35-hour work week. Thirty-five hours of work a week from the mayor of a city of 107,000 people. That hardly even counts as full time. What a stupid man. But I guess that's why he's done so many evil things. He's too stupid to know right from wrong.

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