Monday, January 15, 2007

City Parks

An article in today's Republican-American stated that the city will be creating a master plan for the parks. They'll be looking for feedback from city residents:

Four-page questionnaires on what residents want from city parks will be available at the park offices at 2 Kendrick Ave., Mayor Michael J. Jarjura’s office in the Chase Municipal Building on Grand Street and at the city’s Web site, The first public information session on the fu ture of Waterbury’s parks is scheduled for Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Chase Park House, 150 Sunnyside Ave. The second is scheduled for Jan. 31 at the Washington Park House, 283 Sylvan Ave. The final session is slated for Feb. 7 at the North End Recreation Center, 262 N. Main St.

The questionnaires don't seem to be available online yet.
[Update (1/18): The PDF survey form can be downloaded at]

Things I might request: more parks and parklets; landscaping along the Naugatuck River, maybe even putting in a greenway like the one along the old Farmington Canal in Cheshire; making information about park activities available online (for example, pool hours).

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