Friday, June 22, 2007

My New Neighborhood

One week ago, I moved into my first home (very exciting!). It's one of the historic Scovill Row homes, built during World War I to help ease the housing crisis of 1916. It needs a lot of cosmetic work, but it's a great house.

Several people I know have responded very poorly to the idea that I would move to this neighborhood (in the North End, off Walnut and Oak Streets, just below Long Hill). They've insisted that this is a bad, dangerous neighborhood. So far (thankfully), I have no idea why they think that. Yes, there are several large apartment buildings that have been abandoned for years. Yes, at some point in time a previous occupant of my house added bars to the first floor windows and fortified the back doors.

The people who live in this neighborhood appear to all be elderly or families with young children. In the afternoon and evening, there are dozens of children running around the neighborhood. The only dogs I've seen are small--a beagle and little yap-yap dogs (last I checked, the bad neighborhoods have lots of Rottweilers and pit bulls, and I haven't seen or heard any sign of them here). There are maybe three cats who saunter down the sidewalk like they own it. I saw a possum one night and fireflies another night.

I haven't heard any noise after 11:30pm or before 8:30am. I haven't seen any prostitutes or johns, drug dealers or junkies.

Within 24 hours of moving in, I was welcomed to the neighborhood by a very gracious lady who lives across the street. Everyone else I've encountered has been friendly.

To all of you who think this is a bad neighborhood, think again. It might be a little run down in parts, but it seems like a pretty good neighborhood to me!

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Custom Coaster said...

Hey that's gret abut your FIRST house I hope to I've got some family ibe able to do that one day!Also I have some family in Connecticut it's a really lay back state isn't it? Well good luck with that!