Saturday, June 02, 2007

Victory for City Hall

After long months of wrangling, the Board of Aldermen finally voted to move forward with the Option 4 renovation of our Cass Gilbert-designed City Hall building. Hooray! Option 4 calls for the complete restoration of the building--I can't wait to see how beautiful it will look when the project is completed!

I've been a little irritated that DePillo refused to allow Option 5 to pass, since it would have saved taxpayers millions of dollars over the next several years.

Option 5 would have funded the construction of a new fire house, allowing the current one to be renovated for office space. This would have allowed to city to move out of rented office space, and allowed for the consolidation of the Education Department in the Chase Building, which would then allow the city to get grant funding for the renovation/restoration of that structure.

I'm sure DePillo will yammer on about how he saved taxpayer's money by threatening to block Option 5 with a referendum, but as far as I'm concerned, he has cost us money. Eventually, the city will have to find some other way to stop renting office space, so I won't get too riled up about it.

Ultimately, I think all of Waterbury should be proud of what has been accomplished. The Town Hall building in Watertown has been languishing under scaffolding for years. Other towns and cities in the state have also been unable to move forward with the renovation of their main buildings. But here in Waterbury, we're going to get the project done.

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