Sunday, July 01, 2007


One of the big news items this weekend was the announcement that Shaw's will be closing. Shaw's is an extremely conveniently-located and always-busy grocery store. The corporation claims that the store is "under performing," whatever that's supposed to mean.

Today while I was at Shaw's, the PA system ran a commercial that started by criticizing the way other supermarkets have been closing their fish departments, then cheerily assured shoppers that Shaw's will never close their fish department. Ha-ha! Very funny.

I haven't heard anything about what will replace Shaw's. Certainly I hope for another grocery store. I kind of hope we can get a Whole Foods store, even though they don't carry some of my staple foods--but they do have so many other good things you can't find anywhere else, and it would be a lot more convenient than driving to West Hartford.

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Mister Waterbury! said...

I live in Waterbury, downtown- do you know if any new grocery stores are coming, soon? Perhaps they are already here, and I'm in the dark. The loss of Shaw's has introduced me to Jarjura's and Antonelli's markets. Quite a nice surprise. Is the picture of Frankie's a painting? I can't enlarge the picture- it seems to be a painting. If so, I've always wondered about the techniques of photo-realism, hyper-realism, what have you. Anyway, enjoyed finding and scrolling about your blog.