Saturday, October 06, 2007

Better Graffiti

A while back, I posted a few images of graffiti in Waterbury. This afternoon, I went for a walk and found some better examples. The graffiti most people are going to see in Waterbury is extremely minimal, presumably because the artists only have a couple of seconds in which to get them done. The best ones are in remote areas.

This might be my favorite, just for the sense of humor. I couldn't get close enough to get a good view of the larger work, but it looks like it's probably one of Pezo's. It's on the side of an old clock factory on Maple Street, viewable (sort of) from North Elm Street.
graffiti - thank god 4 art

This one is up high, on the side of the old Benrus factory building (now Bender Plumbing) on Cherry Street:

Some older and newer tags on the side of a building that's right up against the Mad River, viewable from the riverside walk at the Brass Mill mall:
graffiti - if art is a crime, may god forgive me

The most complex Waterbury graffiti I've found so far is viewable at the end of Mill Street. There's no easy way to get to the actual wall it's on, unless you're willing to walk under the highway.

This is the other side of the underpass. It's way too creepy a place for me to go into on my own, so I stuck with looking at it from above.

This is a little bit further down the wall:

There's a ton of tags on Cherry Avenue, but most of them are pretty lightweight.

I'd like to meet Pezo. He's got a great creative streak.


Anonymous said...

The Graff scene died out in the late 90's in Waterbury.

Anonymous said...

Why did that happen?