Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The election is one week away, and until today I had not received any campaign mailings. This is not particularly a complaint, but it does seem strange. The last few years, I had an onslaught of mailings showing up at my home. Is it my address? How do the campaign people select mailing addresses--do they mail to every address in the Registrar of Voters database?

The mail I received today was from Mayor Jarjura (addressed to Current Resident). If his campaign office has my address, don't the others have it as well? Don't they want my vote? (Insert sarcastic whining here.)

I suppose it has to do with voter turnout for each neighborhood. Which is why I'm in favor of Aldermen by district. If you have a neighborhood with low voter turnout, the current system doesn't give our politicians any reason to care about that neighborhood. And as soon as a neighborhood feels like the city doesn't care about them, the more likely it is to fall apart. Which makes voter turnout go down even further.

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