Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Collection Agency

I just had a lovely chat with someone who works at Northstar Technologies, a collection agency based in Oklahoma. They're looking for Tatianna Tatenchenko (that's my phonetic spelling of the last name, which they couldn't pronounce; I suppose it could be Tatianna Tanchenko). I didn't ask which creditor she had bilked this time, but he said they took the account in October. I explained that Tatianna also goes by the name Tabitha Hollister and that she's been using my phone number on her credit card and bank account applications for many years now. The nice man at the collection agency was concerned about the frustration I must be feeling, but I assured him that this is now really very amusing. I'm fascinated by the way she lives her life.

The man at Northstar promised me that they would never call me again, which got me thinking. First, while I'm grateful that they believe my word, how do they know I'm not Tabitha/Tatianna? After all, if I were running the sort of scam she runs, I certainly would never identify myself to a collection agency. Second, what happens if I'm ever so delinquent with a bill that it gets sent to this collection agency? Have I just been exempted from the phone calls for all of eternity? Hopefully, I will never be that delinquent.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is the same person but I'm always intrigued by scammers lol. I was actually just looking up a woodlouse spider and came across your blog. Read about Tabby and looked her up to see if she got into any trouble. Her and her little friends seem to have. Guess her credit cards maxed out...

Waterbury Girl said...

That's great! (for my curiosity, not so much for Tabby and her friends, nor for her landlord). I'm fascinated by her lifestyle, and her ability to keep scamming for so many years.

On another note, this must be woodlouse season--this blog has been getting a surge in visitors looking for info on the nasty little things.