Tuesday, February 19, 2008

East Main Street

Okay, so this really is a shameless post of self-promotion, but my art career won't go anywhere if I don't market my paintings. Here is a slightly-blurry photo of my newly finished oil painting (18x24 inches). Feel free to make an offer (waterburygirl at gmail.com).

And here are a couple of detail shots:


Anonymous said...

That is a great painting! I want one now!

dt said...

I think your painting is fantastic? I want one too!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get a print of this
Waterbury painting if one is ever

You should contact the Waterbury
Lions club and offer to do thier
annual Waterbury Christmas Card.

John W.

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning painting. I thought it was a photograph at first! Rebecca told me about your site ages ago and I have it bookmarked at work, and just stumbled across the bookmark, and here I am!!! -Andy Albertson