Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Spring

Last week I planted bulbs in my front yard. Iris, because they've always been my favorite; hyacinth, because they smell nice; and anemone, because they came in packets of 25 multicolored, so they'll help fill in the yard.

My neighbor across the street was interested in what I was planting, since he has the best view of my yard. My next-door neighbor heard us talking and came out to see what was happening. I don't think he'd ever seen anyone garden before. It was a revelation to him. I showed him the photos and descriptions of what the bulbs will become in the spring, and he was amazed that something so large and beautiful could grow from something that looks like a cross between a potato and an onion. He said something to the effect that he doesn't understand how anyone could not believe in a high power when you see how a tiny little seed or bulb can be put in the ground and then grow into a large plant. I had a similar thought earlier this year, when I saw the first tiny little sprig of a plant growing from seeds I had planted. Life is truly miraculous, and gardening can have a positive impact on people's lives.

In Waterbury, the Brass City Harvest has been doing a lot of good work to bring gardening and fresh fruits & vegetables to the inner city. They have a newly launched blog at brasscityharvest.blogspot.com/. Check 'em out!

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