Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Local Public House

I've had a terrible time remembering the new name of T. Pic's bar, probably because they haven't gotten new signs up yet. So here it is: The Local Public House. Conjures up images of old Irish pubs.

When I was there the other day, I got a little history lesson from my fellow drinkers. Before it was T. Pic's, it was 457 (after the street address). Before that, it was No Fish Today. Before that, it was something I can't remember now (sorry!).

There used to be a bar just down the street, in a building that was lost to fire, that had the longest bar in Connecticut. It is believed that the bar was purchased and moved out of state.


Christopher said...

Hey Waterbury Girl,

Thanks for all your blogging. I've read quite a few posts, starting with the most recent. I especially like this entry as I am the guy in the picture (I would have smiled for you). :)

The Bartender

Waterbury Girl said...

Most people get nervous, uncomfortable or even paranoid if the see me taking photos, so I try to sneak them in when no one is paying attention!