Monday, May 17, 2010


Today I finally had time to plant flower bulbs purchased ages ago. First, though, I had to take out all the weeds in the way. Hours of physical work in the hot sun--a huge change from from how I've been spending most of my time lately (working at a computer in artificial light).

Clover and crabgrass were tough to pull out. Easier to pull out, but more prevalent, were wild cucumber and something called Greater Celandine.

Greater Celandine (assuming I've identified it correctly!) grows like crazy in my yard. It first appeared last year, and seems to grow even in the winter. Nothing stops it, but it is very easy to pull out. It has a bright dark orange sap, which has been used to cure warts and can be used as a mild sedative (hmmm.... maybe I should farm it instead of treating it as a weed--it's even been used to help toothaches).

I was rewarded for my labor at the end of the day, when the iris finally bloomed.

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