Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank You, Durable!

I've been having trouble this year with my car's front left turn signal. The whole part was replaced a little over two years ago after a reckless jerk slammed into my car (which is a whole other story about unsafe intersections that could easily be made safer with a few stop signs).

The bulb went out early this year, and I had it replaced along with a few other maintenance repairs at the dealership. Pretty much everything else they did that day turned out to be bad, and it looks like they couldn't even get a simple bulb replacement done right.

A month or so after they replaced the bulb, it went out again. Since I was still mad at the dealership for the massive incompetence of their mechanic, I didn't take it back to them. I also didn't take it back to them because they had been trying to get me to replace the entire turn signal, even though it is only 2 years old.

This week I finally replaced the bulb again, at Jiffy Lube. The next day, it was out again. So frustrating! But this time I finally got smart and took the car back to Durable, along with the paperwork from when they installed the light.

The mechanic at Durable took one look at my light bulb, saw that it hadn't been screwed in all the way, and saw that there was rust in the socket because the previous bulb also hadn't been installed properly. He sand-blasted the rust, installed the bulb correctly, and was finished in minutes, all for no charge. Fantastic!

After suffering with incompetent mechanics, it is downright exciting to find a mechanic who knows what he's doing and takes pride in his work. I can see why Durable has been in business for a century--they know what they're doing and they do it well.

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bob dorr said...

I have also used Durable - they really are the greatest. Dave Geremia donated a tow truck for an entire afternoon while we reset the Civil War LIghting after its restoration a few years ago. You know, that big monument in front of the museum.