Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Waterbury Books

Sometimes it seems like there's a new book written by a Waterbury author every time I turn around. It's getting hard to keep track of them all. Here's a start at making a list of authors and their recent Waterbury-related books. Not all the authors are from Waterbury, although most are. Only books with a Waterbury connection are listed, and only books first published since 2000 are included (I had some others on this post at first, but after 24 hours I realized I would have to put the books from the '90s in their own post). Most of the books are heavily about Waterbury, some have only a chapter about Waterbury or scattered references to Waterbury.

If I've overlooked a recent Waterbury book, let me know and I will add it!

George Black
The Trout Pool Paradox (Waterbury's impact on the Naugatuck and Shepaug Rivers)

Daniel Cavallari
Confusing the Seasons (the final chapter takes place in Waterbury)

Lawrence M. Cercola
Depression: A True Story

Barbara S. Christen and Steven Flanders, editors
Cass Gilbert, Life and Work (references to his work in Waterbury)

Connecticut Motor Coach Museum
Waterbury Trolleys (Images of Rail series)

Bernard F. Dick
Forever Mame: The Life of Rosalind Russell

Ferdinando Fasce
An American Family: The Great War and Corporate Culture in America

John Fusco
Paradise Salvage

Robert B. Gordon
Industrial Heritage in Northwest Connecticut: A Guide to History and Archaeology (references to Waterbury)

Raechel Guest
Houses of the Hillside Historic District

Joanna Clapps Herman
The Anarchist Bastard: Growing Up Italian in America

Jeremy J. Joyell
A Lifetime Ago: Before the Death of Childhood

Peter Haring Judd
Affection: Ninety Years of Family Letters, 1850s-1930s: Haring, White, Griggs, Judd Families of New York and Waterbury, Connecticut 

More Lasting Than Brass: A Thread of Family from Revolutionary New York to Industrial Connecticut

David R. Meyer
The Roots of American Industrialization (Creating the North American Landscape) (many references to Waterbury)

Evelyn B. Michaud
Under the Eaves: Reflections of An Ordinary Life

John S. Monagan
A Pleasant Institution: Key-C Major

William A. Monti
Publisher vs. Politician: A Clash of Local Titans

John Murray (preparer) and Silas Bronson Library
Waterbury Hall of Fame (available as a publication at the Bronson Library)

Edith Reynolds and John Murray (buy direct from the authors at John Bale Books on Grand Street, across from the post offce, or click below for the Amazon links)
A Brief History of Waterbury 

Wicked Waterbury: Madmen and Mayhem in the Brass City

Felix Manuel Rodriguez
Dad, Me and Muhammad Ali

Ann Y. Smith
Hidden in Plain Sight: the Whittemore Collection and the French Impressionists (references to Waterbury)

Andres Torres, editor
Latinos in New England (Chapter 4, "Mofongo Meets Mangu: Dominicans Reconfigure Latino Waterbury" by Ruth Glasser)

Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns
The War

John Wiehn and Mark Heiss
Waterbury, 1890-1930 (Postcard History Series)

Bettejane Wesson
The View from Cracker Hill

Eric Zafran
Calder in Connecticut (several references to Waterbury)


Waterbury said...

You don't have Forever Mame: The Life of Rosalind Russell >

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Dan said...

Thanks for mentioning "Confusing the Seasons." I appreciate you spreading the word about my new book. I'm hoping to have it available in stores in Waterbury the meantime, people can visit my website to order.

John Wiehn said...


Here's another Waterbury book to add:

The view from 1027 - Years 1942-1956

by Joan Doddis Meears

Book about her life in Waterbury when she lived at 1027 South Main Street.

It's self publlished in 2004.
Bought a copy direct from author.