Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waterbury Books: The '90s

Yesterday's post of Recent Waterbury Books received such an enthusiastic response I've decided to keep going, sorting them by decades. It takes many, many hours to create each of these lists, so it will be a while before I get to another one (I have to do things that pay the bills, and blogging has never earned me any money).

Keep sending me your suggestions, and I'll add them when I can.

Many of these are hard-to-find outside the Silas Bronson Library and Mattatuck Museum archives. I've added links to the most useful listing for each one, often simply Google Books, which gives you options to search for used copies or copies in libraries. John Bale Books has a few of them for sale.

When possible, I tracked down images of the book covers. But it wasn't possible for all of them.

Robert R. Bisaillon
Franco-American Biographies of the Greater Waterbury Area

Sando Bologna
The Italians of Waterbury; Experiences of Immigrants and Their Families

Growing Up Italian and American in Waterbury

Jeremy Brecher and Ruth Glasser
Essays on the Brass Workers History Project and the Waterbury Ethnic Music Project in Using Ethnographic Data: Interventions, Public Programming, and Public Policy 

Frederick W. Chesson
Waterbury (Images of America Series)

Claudia Clark
Radium Girls: Women and Industrial Health Reform, 1910-1935

Susan Hoffman Fishman
The Platt Brothers and Company: Ingenuity, Innovation and Integrity

Gary Franks
Searching for the Promised Land: An African American's Optimistic Odyssey

David J. Garrow
Liberty and Sexuality: The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v. Wade (extensive information about Clara McTernan's Waterbury clinic, which provided birth control for married women)

Ruth Glasser (Professor of Urban Studies at UConn-Waterbury)
Aqui Me Quedo: Puerto Ricans in Connecticut (also available from the Connecticut Humanities Council)

My Music is My Flag: Puerto Rican Musicians and Their New York Communities, 1917-1940 (discussion of the Waterbury Ethnic Music Project in the Preface)

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Waterbury, Connecticut: 75th Anniversary, 1918-1993

Rachel Kerr Johnson, edited by Barbara Mitchell Tull
Affectionately, Rachel: letters from India, 1860-1884 (includes a marvelous letter describing Waterbury in 1860)

Adam Korpalski
A History of the University of Connecticut at Waterbury 1946-1996

Richard M. Marano
History of the Order Sons of Italy in America of Waterbury, Connecticut: 1911-1996

John Frederick Martin
Profits in the Wilderness: Entrepreneurship and the Founding of New England (references to early Waterbury)

Charles A. Monagan
The Country Club of Waterbury: (1899-1999)

Charles Turek Robinson
The New England Ghost Files (first chapter is a haunting in Waterbury)

Matthew W. Roth
The Platt Brothers and Company: Small Business in Manufacturing (Photo taken by John Bale Books, which currently has a copy for sale)

Saint Anne School
Centennial: Saint Anne School, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1890-1990

Saint Joseph Church
Saint Joseph Church, Waterbury, Connecticut: Centennial, 1894-1994

Ann Y. Smith
At Home in Waterbury: A History of the Neighborhoods of Waterbury

Janet Woolum
Outstanding Women Athletes (has short biography of Joan Joyce)

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