Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Stripping Down Chase

Not much left to this building now. Seeing more of it disappear every week is a powerful experience.


Ted Roth said...

You may be interested in visiting my blog which inlcudes numerous photographs taken over the past year ay the old American Brass factory on Bank Street. They are still doing large scale copper manufacturing on this property and in Ansonia. You can reach my blog at

Many of the Waterbury and Ansonia photographs were on exhibition in Torrington in February and many more are currently on exhibition at the Sharon Historical Society.

I wish I had your knowledge of Waterbury. I am a transplanted New Yorker who has become fascinated by the history of Brass Valley. Thanks for your blog.

I visited and photographed inside the old Chase factory the day before they difinitively locked the gates.

alexandra said...

I'm Alexandra Cabral, I' m portuguese and I'm searching information about my grand-grand father who lived and died in Waterbury.
His name was Henry Gaspar dos Santos born in 1879 in Portugal.
In the World War Draft registation I found he worked in Chase Brass and Copper company. His mailing address was 1225 Thomaston Avenue.
How can I find informations about his life?

Waterbury Girl said...

Alexandra--try looking for him in the City Directory, which was published every year, and in the Census, which is conducted every ten years. You can access that information with a subscription to, or you can use the resources at a local library--visit the reference desk for assistance. If you are near Hartford, I recommend visiting the State Archives (, which has many resources.

Waterbury Girl said...

You should also try contacting the Waterbury Portuguese Sport Club ( for information.