Saturday, May 05, 2012

Earth Day Cleanup at WOW and Scovill Homes

Another year, another cleanup. This year we started at Carpmill, went down Wood Street to Walnut, then split into two groups and went up Ives and Irion.

Starting out on Wood Street, raking up debris blocking a storm drain.

Youths from the WOW Community Learning Center, always willing to help out.

Raking and sweeping on Wood Street with Alderman Hadley.

Two years ago, Patricia Sockwell and I tackled the area between Wood and Ives Streets
on our own for Earth Day cleanup. So nice to be working with a large team now!

Our Community Officer, Andrew Abney, helped with the clean up.

Cleaning up litter at the bus stop. Yes, that's a school bus stop as well as a public bus stop.

I'm not sure how many bags we filled. Definitely a lot!

Tackling both sides of Walnut Street, and loading up the full bags on a trailer.

The man with the broom lives on the corner of Walnut and Ives Streets. He came out to help
when he saw us. As with so many people, he does what he can to keep his area clean,
but feels frustrated because his neighbors don't do their part.

Around 10:30, our crew met up with the PAL/North End Area crew.

We already had Walnut, so they went down Locust Street.

Our youngest volunteer. I think the gloves were a little big for her.

We could have had a tag sale with some of what we found on Irion Street.

The Ives Street cleanup crew at the end of the morning's work.

Frankies! Everyone who participated in the cleanup got a free hot dog, chips, and soda.

Sharing stories, eating dogs.


The Litter Control and Beautification Commissiners said...

What a marvelous pictorial! I can see the joy and pride among all of the people who helped to clean in WOW! Not to be corny, but, WOW! you all did a great job!
WOW seems to be a place where strangers become neighbors and neighbors become friends.
There is a lot of heart and soul there as in all parts of Waterbury! That is what makes this Wonderful Waterbury!
We expect to be coming to join you at your meeting on the first Saturday of June at 10:00. We hope to meet each of you.
Many thanks!
Bonnie, Al, Rob, Sean(Your Litter Control and Beautification Commissioners; Lysa( our Aldermanic Liaison

Dan said...

Sometimes when I read your blog I wish I still lived in Waterbury so I could help out. Alas, I'm in Colorado, but I always have this dream that when I have some money, I'll do something good for Waterbury with it...

Some day.