Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Facade Improvements

A while ago, I wrote a post about upcoming facade improvements in downtown Waterbury. The program was created by Main Street Waterbury and uses guidelines intended to upgrade building facades while preserving or enhancing the historic architectural features of the building. The guidelines also provide information about good design and improving the pedestrian experience. The program is administered by Waterbury Development Corporation.

The Facade Improvement Program is ongoing. If you own a building downtown and would like assistance to make your building look better, contact Carl Rosa at Main Street Waterbury.

Here are the before and after photos.

483 West Main Street -- BEFORE

483 West Main Street -- AFTER

Window casings repaired, paint colors match brickwork,
storefront matches the look of the building and is both elegant and inviting.

Bank Street buildings -- BEFORE

Bank Street buildings -- AFTER

58 Bank Street, Before and After

The stark white window casings have been replaced with better quality windows that blend better with the building;
lintels matching the third floor window lintels have been added above the second floor windows;
and a new storefront, with a more inviting store entrance, has been installed.
This building, incidentally, has a wonderful full-wall skylight on the third floor.

60 Bank Street, Before and After

How exciting is this? The bizarre 1960s accordion facade was removed. Hiding behind it was
a gorgeous facade, original windows intact, along with suburb architectural details.
Holes created for the installation of the accordion piece were repaired and a new storefront was added.

60 Bank Street, detail

Quill pen, ink, and scroll. From when there was a bookstore here.

60 Bank Street, detail

All this was hiding under the '60s accordion.

64 Bank Street, Before and After
Another fabulous discovery: the old Sugenheimer windows and logo were hiding behind the ugly panels. New paint colors were chosen to work with the Sugenheimer logo. The details of the pediment (the woodwork at the top of the building) really pop with the contrasting red and black paint. Much more attractive than the blah brown paint. The new storefront will be installed soon; I'm too excited about this building to wait any longer to share these images.

64 Bank Street, detail

The Sugenheimer window. Looks great, even in this rainy shot.

70 Bank Street, Before and After

New storefront, more elegant in design than the previous storefront.

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Heather Nuzzo said...

Wow! Thank you so much for these pictures. The changes are just amazing. When I drove through downtown recently, I couldn't figure out what was different. Now I realize that so much had changed that I just couldn't pinpoint it it. Amazing!