Thursday, March 15, 2007

Laundry Life

I do my laundry at Great American Laundry (I think that's what it's called) on Manor Avenue. When I lived in Naugatuck, the laundromat I went to was much smaller, with rows of machines along two walls, a soda machine, and a radio and an assortment of magazines for entertainment. Great American has a soda machine; a candy machine; small vending machines with candy, gum, toys; at least six televisions; and maybe half a dozen video games. The photo below shows the Mr. Claw machine near the window. I was sitting reading a book (have to bring your own reading materials to this laundromat), and Mr. Claw kept calling out "Come win a prize!" in a clown voice. The claw moved whenever the machine spoke. Another machine, out of view in the photo, would occasionally declare joyously "There's no limit to what you can win!" One of the two would periodically chuckle loudly. Maybe it was more of a chortle.

I felt bad for the machines. They seemed so lonely, so desperate for someone to come play with them. Usually the laundromat at least has a few little kids who will fondle the game handles. Today there weren't any kids at all, so the machines had to sit alone.

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