Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shahi Zaika

I finally tried out the tandoori restaurant in East Gate Plaza. It was very good. The restaurant itself isn't fancy, just your basic furnishings, no ambiance (except, of course, for the large plasma tv showing the 2007 Cricket World Cup--you won't find that in any other restaurant around here). They do a buffet on weekends, and take-out any time (open daily 10am-10pm). The menu has a few goat specialties (I still have never eaten goat, but I am noticing it on more and more menus) and cow hoofs, as well as the more commonplace chicken and vegetarian dishes.

I think what I like about Shahi Zaika best is that it is "authentic," rather than the generic Indian restaurant you find in most cities (maybe because it's not strictly Indian-their dishes also include Pakistani and Bangladeshi). Granted, I really wish they had some of the dishes I frequently order, but the chicken tikka and the naan were really really good, and I certainly don't mind discovering some new dishes!

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