Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Only in Waterbury

A friend (who lives nowhere near here) recently pointed out that he'd never encountered the word "ramparage" before. I did a Google search and discovered that "ramparage" apparently exists only in Waterbury (excluding website with typos).

Our use of the word might have started in the late 1960s, when the Buckingham Ramparage was built (a multi-level parking garage with ramps connecting the different levels). By 1979 there was a city position of Parking Ramparage Supervisor (that's the earliest online reference).

Anyone out there know anything more about the origins of this word?


Peter said...

My father built the commercial space in the Buckingham Ramparage in the mid-1970's. The parking structure had been around for a number of years by then, probably since the late 1960's. In any event, the "Ramparage" name was in use at the time of my father's work there.

Did you know there's a basement comercial level to the Ramparage? It's accessed through a stairway near the main elevator bank. It housed a woefully unsuccessful "mini-mall" in the middle and late 1970's, and then a trade school was located there for a while. As far as I know it's been unoccupied for years.

bioguy said...

I'm 20 years removed from waterbury but the Buckingham Ramparage rings a bell, where is it??????

Waterbury Girl said...

It's on the corner of Bank and Grand Streets (right next to the post office), and it also has an entrance on Field Street.

bioguy said...

Thanks, I think OTB used to be there back in the day.